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The Animal Whisperers

These 10 local veterinarians strive to keep our pets healthy and happy every day. Here they share some of their most memorable moments on the job.

1. Dr. Ronald Lyman (pictured with Angel Dee, a mixed breed)

Animal Emergency & Referral Center

“The first time I was able to save the life of a patient with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was one of the most memorable moments of my career. ”

2. Dr. Troy Stinman

Monterey Animal Clinic, Inc.

“Cases where a pet adapts and recovers from what seems like tremendous adversity, with tail wagging, are the most memorable.”

3. Dr. Mary Bressman(pictured with Sundae, an Australian shepherd)

All Creatures Animal Hospital

“My most memorable case was a 9-year-old, 90-pound chocolate lab who came to me unable to stand. He was too big for his owner to manage alone so I took him to my house where he received physical rehabilitation for three weeks.”

4. Dr. Leonard Fox

Animal Hospital West Port St. Lucie

“My most memorable [moment] was removing a fish hook and line from the stomach of a dolphin who was extremely ill, watching her make a complete recovery and really feeling that she appreciated all I had done for her.”

5. Dr. Brian Kreitz

Jensen Beach Animal Hospital

“I most enjoy when a sick or injured animal responds to treatment or surgery and is able to leave the hospital bright-eyed and happy.”

6. Dr. Rex Sentell

Palm City Animal Medical Center

“A beagle was hit by a car and suffered a dislocated hip and three broken bones. He had extensive surgery and in one day he was walking and happy.”

7. Dr. Chris Steers (pictured with Libby, a labradoodle)

Stuart Sound Animal Hospital

“When I was [a kid], I had a young pet that had to be euthanized for an undiagnosed problem. I decided at that time to become a veterinarian so that no kid would have to experience what I had.”

8. Dr. Jennifer DiTrapani-Gimbal (pictured with Alphie, a Chihuahua)

Morningside Animal Hospital & Ocean Breeze Animal Hospital

“...My lab partner and I came across a stray dog riddled with ticks ... We took turns nursing her back to health ... she turned out just fine and became my dog. That classmate ended up becoming my husband.”

10. Dr. Rosmarie Eger

Kindness Animal Hospital

“[One of my most memorable moments] is when a dog that had always been aggressive toward me, became tolerant of me after I saved his life.”

Photography by Kristen Browning