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Bright Ideas

These 10 middle school students from Martin and St. Lucie counties broke barriers with their science fair projects that researched everything from mustard plants to the health of seahorses. Here, they share their passion for all things science. Shot on location at The Pine School, Hobe Sound Campus.

1. Ellyn Delano

6th grade, Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition

Project: Testing the amount of gluten in baking flour

“I picked this project because I wanted to know more about what is in the flour I use for baking. Whole wheat flour contains the most gluten when compared to all purpose, gluten-free, soy and unbleached flours.”

2. Joshua Navarro

6th grade, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy

Project: Studying pool rack shapes and the distribution of the pool balls

“We were curious as to why the diamond and triangle are primarily used for the break. We learned that the more points a rack shape has, the better the pool balls will spread out in the table.”

3. Jack Krasulak

6th grade, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy

Project: Studying pool rack shapes and the distribution of the pool balls

“We learned that the more points the rack has, the more evenly the energy is distributed during impact ... this same theory can be applied to car design and architecture.”

4. Alyssa K. Persaud

7th grade, Renaissance Charter School at Tradition

Project: Building a water filtration system

“I wanted to build this project in the hopes of finding a solution for sanitary, usable water that can be used in [Guyana], and other [countries].”

5. Rachel Goldman

6th grade, The Pine School

Project: Creating a solar trap

“I learned you can use the sun and some basic supplies around the house to build a solar oven that can bake cookies and boil water. My solar oven actually reached over 100 degrees Celsius!”

6. Varun A. Lakshmanan

8th grade, Murray Middle

Project: Extracting lead from contaminated soil using mustard plants

“I picked the topic after reading an article that people were using sunflower plants to extract gold from abandoned mining fields. So I thought about using the same idea to extract a harmful metal from the soil.”

7. Abrielle Marksteiner

6th grade, Hidden Oaks Middle

Project: Studying droplets in sneezes/Coughs

“I selected my project after watching newscasts of how the Ebola virus in Africa was spreading even though many victims never came in direct contact with anyone infected. I thought that there must be a way that filoviruses could become airborne and travel great distances.”

8. Olivia Lazorik

7th grade, Saint Edward’s School

Project: Studying/researching the diet of the lined seahorse

“I felt like I contributed useful information to the aquaculture industry, ultimately helping seahorses [lose] their status as threatened.”

9. Colin Dobbins

8th grade, Hidden Oaks Middle

Project: measuring electricity produced when colored filters are placed over solar panels

“I enjoyed the fact that this project had a great real-world application. It shows scientists and engineers how to improve solar panels in the future.”

10. Ayden Jordan

6th grade, Stuart Middle

Project: UV Light Penetration through SPF Sunscreens

“My family is strict about wearing sunscreen. Shopping with mom, I noticed all the different strengths and types of sunscreen. I wondered if there is a difference.”