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Men and Women in Uniform

Firefighters, police officers, sheriff’s deputies and paramedics risk their lives daily to keep us safe. Here, we honor 10 men and women who go above and beyond to protect our community.

1. LaMar Shell

Paramedic, Martin County Fire Rescue

“I am one of several members of my family that serve with Martin County Fire Rescue. After the events of 9/11, I decided to change careers and dedicate my future to the community that I was raised in.”

2. Daniel Hudnet

Paramedic, Martin County Fire Rescue

“I love the brotherhood of the fire department, and how we have the privilege of helping people in their time of need.”

3. Tom Mikovsky

Lieutenant, St. Lucie County Fire District

“I decided on a career in public safety to help those in need. The job is exciting, and is never the same each day.”

4. Joe Payne

paramedic, St. Lucie County Fire District

“We are all here to do our job to help those in their time of need. We train hard and plan for the worst so we can handle difficult situations.”

5. Brian Bossio

Public Information 
Officer, Crime 
Practitioner, Stuart Police Department

“Motivation comes in many ways – a smile from a child, a heartfelt thank you, a wave from a citizen. If being an officer was easy, everybody would be a cop. The joy outweighs any stress.”

6. Phaedrea Campbell

School Resource Deputy Sheriff, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

“The children that I serve motivate me on a daily basis. I handle the pressure of that responsibility by mentally, physically and spiritually preparing for potential danger.”

7. TJ Delancy

Officer, Stuart Police Department

“I honestly don’t feel pressure or stress from putting my life on the line. At times, the call volume can affect you but you can’t let it influence your feelings. You can only do one thing at a time.”

8. Kristin Meyer

Detective, Port St. Lucie Police Department

“I can’t help or save everyone. I’ve had to make peace with that. However, when what I do makes a difference and someone’s life is better because of it, that’s a great feeling.”

9. William R. Weiss

Deputy Sheriff, 
Martin County 
Sheriff’s Office

“I grew up in a small farming town in Illinois, and always admired the law enforcement officers in our community. They were the strong, silent cornerstones of the community. I knew back then that being a cop was what I wanted to do.”

10. Crystal Duncombe

Deputy, Martin County Sheriff’s Office

“Every moment of my career has been memorable and has taught me valuable lessons. The first is that life can change in an instant. ... Cherish your good days, as well as the bad.”