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Principal Educators

These top 10 high school principals educate and prepare children for the world. Here, they share their favorite moments in the classrooms and the hallways.

1. Al Fabrizio

Principal, Martin County High School

“I had several teachers in high school who were tremendous role models who I admired greatly. I wanted to make the impact on others that they made on me.”

2. Andrea Popwell

Principal, St. Lucie West Centennial High School

“Education is a priceless commodity that has no limits. Regardless of your circumstances, once it is attained, it can never be taken from you!”

3. Todd Smith

Principal, Fort Pierce Central High School

“[It’s rewarding to] watch the educational staff of FPCHS assist in the transformation of our students from timid freshmen to self-confident young adults. The students and families enter FPCHS seeking guidance and leave with a purpose and goals.”

4. Phyllis B. Parker

Head of School, The Pine School

“One of the most rewarding parts of the job is when students return to share their stories about how much The Pine School meant and still means to them.”

5. Bridgette Hargadine

Principal, Port St. Lucie High School

“There is nothing more inspirational than teaching the next generation of leaders and seeing them thrive. Our collective future is in their hands.”

6. Greg Laws

Principal, Jensen Beach High School

“Seeing kids taking the necessary steps to become successful is the most rewarding part, not just in their future path, whether it is in college or in a career, but most importantly the path to becoming a better human being.”

7. Denise Rodriguez

Principal, Treasure Coast High School

“I am rewarded when students proudly share their report card with me. I am rewarded when I hear teachers sharing great ideas with each other. The ultimate reward comes in shaking the hand of each graduate during our graduation ceremony.”

8. Ucola Barrett-Baxter

Principal, Fort Pierce Westwood High School

“The most rewarding part is seeing learning occur for not only students but teachers as well; creating an atmosphere of learning. It’s the ‘aha’ moments that I live for.”

9. David Hall

Principal, South Fork High School

“Too many people say science is ‘just too hard for me to figure out.’ ... I saw helping students understand science as a rewarding challenge.”

10. Henry Sanabria

Principal, Lincoln Park Academy

“As a classroom teacher, I was only able to affect those students assigned. However, as a principal, I am able to support and positively affect the entire campus.”