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Publisher's Letter

2015, The Year of the Powwow

Recently I got a letter about a great event. It was the 50th anniversary of the FIHA, the Florida Indian Hobbyist Association. I was fascinated about this event. Knowing that all of our museums currently have historical Native American exhibits, I couldn’t wait to have the FIHA anniversary appear in our magazine.

Our pages will educate you on the powwow event that celebrates the cultures and traditions of Native Americans, and how this event continues to teach our younger generations about Native Americans. At this celebration, authentic tribes from throughout Florida attend wearing beautiful, colorful regalia. It is quite an experience to see the different tribes perform dances to the most important instrument, the drum. Yes, the drum is the heartbeat that helps express these beautiful dances and feelings of nature. The admission to the event is $5, and that money helps the drums keep drumming. People travel throughout the world to visit different powwows, including our own.

Also in this issue is an update on our own equestrian rescue center, the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation. I have personally watched horses come into the center literally “skin and bones,” and little by little this center revives them to become healthy adoptable horses. This is an amazing facility, and a great chance for a horse lover – young or old – to help work and learn about what it is like to have a horse of their own!

Well it’s going to be 2015 when you read this, and it’s an exciting year for Stuart Magazine as we look on to a new direction and begin to expand our reach into all of your homes and businesses. This year has so much promise. We are busy with the New Year at Stuart Magazine with our ever-famous Facebook contests, new website design, as well as the many events that we’re looking forward to sponsoring as we continue to grow digitally and in print. Thank you for a wonderful 2014 it was a great year for us! Better yet is what we have in store for you in 2015. So I hope to see you at the powwow, or in a local museum, or even helping to rescue a horse. We are rich in wonderful things to do and participate in. And don’t forget our bucket list from December’s issue. If you do partake in our challenge of accomplishing all 52 items by next December, I will want to talk to you!

Happy New Year! Wishing you more joy, more success, more love and never regret! All the best in 2015 from the Stuart Magazine family.