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Binging on ...

To be clear, I am a TV series enthusiast. So much so, in fact, that I could be considered a binge watcher...

Binge watcher (noun) – a person who practices the watching of multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.

So, when it came time to produce a “Men’s Issue,” my mind instantly went to two shows I’m guilty of watching in excess – “Mad Men” and “Suits.”

Mad Men, which began in 2007 and ends this year, has influenced fashion more than any other series since “Sex in the City.” It’s set in the 1950s and 1960s, and reveals the scandalous lives of slick advertising men and curvy women in an era before Surgeon General Warnings, when cigarettes and booze were enjoyed during lunch breaks and business meetings.

Nowadays, many things are different – including our photo etiquette. So, in the piece “Med Men,” on page 62, no alcohol was consumed and no cigarettes were lit. Also, in place of sleazy salesmen, we feature some of the area’s most renowned medical professionals. But, the old-time essence of the shoot will take you back in time – a big thanks to Style & Comfort for all of the “Mad Men”-era furniture the store offered for the shoot to set the scene. Most importantly, there to perfect the project was local photographer Robert Holland and his staff, along with Lisa Marie, our stylist, and Kayla Walsh, my personal assistant, whom I cannot live without at any shoot.

The other series I’ve watched devoutly is “Suits.” It follows a street-smart man named Mike who uses his eidetic memory and legal knowledge to get into a law firm without a college degree. The plot ties you in, but the suits the characters wear also keep you enticed. In our rendition, titled “Men of Influence” on page 77, all of our featured men draw attention when they walk into a room as big local politicians and business players.

In this issue, we also offer a nod to future players in a father and sons piece “All in the Family” on page 71. While there are so many great family duos in the area, the pairs we feature here are no-brainers considering their statuses as respected community leaders.

So hopefully you will get your binge on (right now I’m engrossed in “House of Cards”), but also use this issue to identify the real-life business men, politicians and family guys we have right here in our local community.