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Publisher's Letter

Bon Appetit! We're So Excited To Debut Stuart Magazine's Foodie Issue

Wow, here it is our food and beer issue! For me, putting together this issue served as a wonderful reminder of the many great things the area has to offer in the food and beer arena.

When I talk about food, my mind immediately goes to the grouper cheeks at The District, or a seafood crepe at the Cornerstone, or a Thai taco at Taco Shack, fried spinach at Ian’s Tropical Grill, and I could go on and on. Yes, our county has finally established a food scene to be reckoned with.

In a place with such an abundance of great restaurants to eat at, do you ever wonder who the masterminds are behind the meals? We did. So we asked around and found eight chefs who are at the top of many patrons’, brides’ and business owners’ minds. But, there were so many that we couldn’t include all of the talent on the Treasure Coast. (And yes, another issue is due in the future to circle around again!) So enjoy some of their secrets of the trade, and get to know a little more about the chefs, their culinary experiences and some of their tasty delights in our “Gods of Food” piece.

Since we are on the topic of food, during the last few months, our readers have been casting votes on their favorite places to eat in response to our print and online call-out. We’ve also asked you to tell us plenty of other favorite places for our “Best of” issue. It isn’t too late to cast your votes!

Our results from our wedding giveaway are also in, and we will be announcing the winner on Valentine’s Day. We thank all of our vendors who participated in putting this event giveaway together, especially Eventful Moments and Hutchinson Island Marriott. We will be announcing the winner on Feb. 14.

Enjoy the issue, go out try a new craft beer, and order a meal from one of the chefs in town.