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Publisher's Letter

Get Out And Vote—No Matter If You're In Martin Or St. Lucie County

Like most of you, I’ve been watching the presidential candidates with great interest, and deep concern—for the fate of our country, and for our world. Regardless, it’s important that everyone goes to the polls and exercises their rights to vote for the candidates of their choice.

When our editorial team decided to give this year’s summer issue an angle on local politics, we didn’t realize the extensity of this project. 

We couldn’t cover all the candidates running in St. Lucie and Martin counties. So, with some tough decisions to make, we decided to only showcase our county commissioners running in the upcoming election. When I read the piece, I felt it served its purpose in helping me make my voting decisions. I hope it will do the same for our readers. You have the power to shape our area’s future. 

We also felt that the immigration topic would be a great addition to this summer issue. The inspiration came from a conversation I had with my friend, Arati Hammond, about her journey to this country. So, we tracked down other success stories like hers, and spoke with these residents about everything from the challenges of gaining citizenship to social boundaries and professional hardships.

I also wanted to note our great group of interns—Zach Wilson, Ariana Heathcock, Alexandra Fedele and Michelle Birch—helping us out this summer from colleges throughout Florida. I’m so impressed to see such enthusiasm and creativity.

Another season is behind us—we are all looking for a little break and some family time at our magazine. So, from all of us at Stuart Magazine please enjoy some summer relaxation and adventures till we see you again for our infamous Charity Datebook season kickoff book. If you’re not in it, you’ll want to be

You have the power to reshape our area. Don’t forget to vote!