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Harvest of Hope

This is not an easy topic, but let’s face it: health care has been at the top of all our minds for a long time. Under the former presidential administration’s effort to “reform” the industry, there were a series of significant legislative changes enacted to how health care is purchased, who provides it, who gets it and who picks up the cost.

All the while, an opposing Congress steadfastly pledged to repeal and replace it.

The current president administration—as recently as last month’s executive order—promises to undo the reform. Meanwhile a, um, supporting Congress is no longer so sure about that repeal.

Amid the cries of reform, repeal, replace, we’re stuck watching, wondering, waiting and worrying about how we’ll afford our premiums and if we’ll have enough coverage in times of need.

As much as this issue affects each one of us, it really affects our local health care providers. We explore just how it affects them in this issue with a special report.

The subject hits close to home for me because in 1998 my should-have-been full-term pregnancy was cut in half, and I delivered our little girl at 22 weeks. As you can imagine, having a micro-preemie puts you in the hands of the NICU and under some stressful, long and costly months of care through specialists. I had an HMO then, and the bills came piling in, bringing me a lot of worry. After five months in the hospital, and many ups and downs with neonatal specialists, we finally brought our little Kayla home. In the end, that HMO helped out a lot and I was so thankful to have had it. During changing times, we found health care to be an important topic to cover, so we hope that you enjoy the article.

I remember a lot about Stuart from my days living here in the ’60s, and one of the things I remember most is my dad always building something in our garage. The sound and smell of freshly cut wood for all types of projects around the house was likely sourced from East Coast Lumber. I grew up knowing the brand; its name was on everything my dad built in our home. So when I had a chance to include an article on its legacy in our downtown Stuart area, I jumped on it. See page 49 for the history on this local company celebrating a century of success.

Speaking of celebrations, the holiday season is upon us. In the giving spirit, we are planning contests for our readers to win tickets and fun items online. Make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter “All Access” to keep up-to-date on giveaways. These contests connect our audience with local businesses, keeping locals connected with our small-town feel. Our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway will take place on Instagram this year starting Dec. 1. 

As you visit family and friends for Thanksgiving, we at Stuart Magazine wish you nothing but safe travels and good times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway will take place on Instagram this year starting Dec. 1.