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Hometown Heroes Make A Difference in South Florida's Communities

They don’t wear capes and hold shields in everyday life. But they do act with honor and integrity, and try to set an example in the fields they represent. They are everyday people with everyday jobs. But to us, they are superheroes. A price comes with it. It means they’re taking responsibility in their community, and they are willing to put their well-being on the line to keep others healthy and safe.

Welcome to our second Men’s Issue, featuring our Treasure Coast superheroes. Thank you to all of our readers and other sources who have helped us pick them.

The best part of putting superheroes in one room is learning about the fabulous things they have been up to in the community. Seeing them in their essence, proud to be walking in the studio with their Superman or Flash costumes on was an enjoyable experience.

Our photo shoot—wind blowing, furious growls, balancing on props, and all—was so much fun. Thanks to Steven Martine Photography for helping us get some great emotion and fun photos out of these guys. But the best fun was taking pictures of my superhero, Kayla Walsh (pictured above). She has officially been with me as my personal assistant for two years. She is my super girl—she protects me and keeps all the evil away. I could never manage all of this craziness without her superpowers.

What would a Men’s Issue be without chili? Chili is one of my favorite dishes to make several times a year. All I need is a crock pot, every bean in the world in a can, some awesome Italian canned tomatoes and my secret list of spices. Of course, it’s never complete without a jalapeño or two, and some onions and garlic. It cooks all day while I bake homemade cornbread. I guess adding sour cream or cheese is a personal preference, but the Capen clan loves it all.

Last year we sent our crew of interns, who have all graduated to another level in college by now, to the cook-off to help us put together the piece. They educated me on how each team of competitors uses a different theme,  and I thought that alone is a great way to challenge creativity.

The 35th Annual Chili Cook-Off officially kicks off July 15 and should draw a crowd of more than 5,000. For more than 34 years, Treasure Coast residents have come to know and love the great food, fun and live entertainment the Chili Cook-Off has to offer. Each year there is a new and exciting theme, and guests come to watch nearly 40 teams compete for awards based on best chili, team spirit and fundraising. It’s a family atmosphere, with free admission and free parking. We invite you to participate in this year’s festivities.

Whether you are new to shooting or are a seasoned vet, competition can be great fun. No better way to keep your skills sharp than to enjoy shooting at many events held here on Treasure Coast. Our article “Shooting ‘em Down” on page 56 will give a look inside the growing sport, which has become popular at charitable events. Skeet is a purely American shotgun game, born and bred not only in the United Sates but also in the very cauldron of American independence—Massachusetts. In 1920, several Andover bird hunters devised a scheme they called “Shooting Around the Clock.” Hence the round circular motion of the positions of the skeet shooters. In our area, there are many skeet shooting venues. Get in the know by reading this fun article, and take part during Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or for a fun weekend outing with the family.

Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and don’t forget to watch our Facebook page for ideas on how to spend the days with your loved ones.

This month I will be thinking of my mother, who I lost in April. Mother’s Day will always bring back memories of her cooking special meals, especially her chili, which I will continue to cook for my family.