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Leading Women

l’m constantly inspired when hearing stories or reading articles about women’s goals and how they got to where they are—whether it is in relation to their health, lifestyle or profession.

The women we chose to feature in our female-focused issue are successful, strong and wise. In our “As Seen On TV: 6 Treasure Coast Role Models” featured on page 54, we explore the lives of six local women and present them, like we did with a feature last year, in the context of TV shows that correspond with their professions. I chose some of my favorite series: “Glee,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Law & Order,” “Body of Proof” and “The Big Bang Theory.” 

All of these women work in traditionally male-dominated industries and have persevered through obstacles. I thank them for stepping into the spotlight for us, and we hope you will celebrate our choices.

Another feature includes some exciting news about the former Holiday Inn Oceanside Hotel on Hutchinson Island that Ocean Properties is redeveloping into a new resort. It’s the makings of a new destination property. Take an inside look at what’s to come on page 68. 

I’m the second oldest sibling in my family, and my husband is the youngest in his family. Having both brothers and sisters in our homes made life growing up crazy, but never dull. To prove the strength of these early bonds, my husband is still so close to his brothers—he actually worked side-by-side with them for most of his life.

So, I decided to look into some of the siblings in our area—an idea brought to my attention by a client of mine. It was interesting to hear the experiences, pains and passions these siblings have shared on page 63.

It’s no wonder these brother-sister duos have decided to stay in close proximity to one another when it means living on the Treasure Coast. Stuart recently earned the No. 1 spot on Coastal Living magazine’s list of “Happiest Seaside Towns in America.” Stuart Magazine is so proud to represent this city. Please spread the word and get out and enjoy our city this summer!

Well it’s another season gone by, and we are back to the drawing board planning for next year. We hope you have the chance to get away to a great resort and have some family bonding time. We’ll see you in a couple months with our summer issue.