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Letter From The Publisher: How Generation Z Is Leading The Way

I live in a home of Generation Z kids. They are the ones born after the millennials, and they are emerging as the next big population of interest for marketing research, cultural studies and the “what’s hot” forecasters.

My daughters will be the influencers of tomorrow. We constantly have conversations about the differences between my time growing up as a kid and theirs. They want to weigh in on how to save the world and empathize that everyone is equal in this world, which I love. “Everyone bleeds red“ is their generation’s saying. My kids were very young when major events of this century happened: 9/11, market crashes.

While we try to relate, sometimes we have no choice but to feel like polar opposites to the kids of tomorrow. Snapchat is their Facebook, while I’m just now learning to navigate snaps, stories and filters. They live on their iPhones and I’m a huge Samsung girl, so conflict between our phones is a constant laughable subject.

Careers and the future are important to this Z group. They look for smart, safe jobs in a world where things might get expensive or more difficult. This leads me to our story on Generation Z kids. We loved receiving your suggestions and had a hard time narrowing down our list. Special thank you to Jennifer Esler at The Elliott Museum for allowing our crew to shoot this piece in their gorgeous museum. If you haven’t been to the Museum lately, you are missing out. Stop by and say hello to Jennifer and her dedicated staff, and enjoy the beautiful history they work so hard to preserve.

We are certain the seven Generation Zs we featured have great futures ahead of them. Things look a bit drearier for Florida’s citrus industry.

Take a look in my refrigerator and you’ll always find a large bowl of oranges. Growing up in Florida, I always indulged in the delicious, juicy fruit. When I was little, my mom juiced her own oranges and gave a bag of grapefruits to northern relatives who anticipated the delicacy—a little gift of sunshine sent up north during the cold winter months. Even at Stuart Jet Center (our family’s business here in Stuart), we are always giving out bags of oranges and grapefruits—and even rubber stress balls in the shape of oranges. I don’t know what we would do without our citrus industry, but it is in danger. See our April issue to learn about the citrus greening disease affecting farms, and how growers and farmers plan to keep the industry thriving before it’s too late.

On the topic of farms, our piece on Kai’s Music Garden has a much more prosperous future. It’s our newest Indiantown blooming entertainment center. I heard about it from time to time, but it wasn’t until our entertainment writer Ron Hart brought it to my attention that I really took notice. I am so excited to be educating our audience about this versatile venue. Owner Carl Frost has created a magical world of food, music and fun.

It’s been a crazy 2017 to 2018 season, but I think we can say it’s been one of the best for our businesses! Now we need to take a break and start enjoying our local restaurants without long waits, and get ready for some downtime at our local hangouts. Hope we see you around this April. Check out “Things We Love” to see what’s happening in town.