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Letter From The Publisher: The Local Economy

I remember selling advertising when there were tumbleweeds blowing down some of our downtown streets. Lost tenants and empty windows took up much of the commercial landscape. I don’t have to tell you how sales were in those times, and it wasn’t easy to educate other markets on how the area was where the wealthy escaped and their money was well spent. That seems like decades ago, and I’m happy to say we are now finally evolving—slowly—but with persistence. Trying to create what our downtown areas really need for growth is not an easy thing to do, but this year bringing living spaces and jobs into these areas are at the top of the list.

So with fond memories of simpler times and bright ideas for the future, we would like to update our readers on what’s happening with urban developments in our cities and the growth with the manufacturing industry in St. Lucie County. Our contributing editor Ike Crumpler takes you into four Treasure Coast cities with an interview with the new city manager of Stuart and other developers of new urban living areas. (See page 56.) Amy Lynne Hayes dives deep into St. Lucie County and its exciting news on being a place where corporations are looking to open new manufacturing locations with many more in the wings in our “St. Lucie Strong” piece on page 50.

With new neighborhoods and job growth, we should be seeing some exciting new numbers for our areas. With that comes new events and inspired creative areas for us to enjoy. Maybe you might want to live downtown or move your corporation from the north. We have a spot for you.

We hope you are enjoying our new columns, our page “Things we Love” (page 18) and our digital newsletter that will let you explore all of the events going on locally. Be sure to sign up at stuartmagazine.com.

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