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Publisher's Letter

Protecting Our Water And Paying Tribute To Our Local Swimmers

Each morning when I wake up, I head to the east-facing window to see what the weather holds. Today there is a lot of rain, and I wonder as I look at the North Fork behind my house if the overflow will cause the river to change, or if the locks will open because of the abundance of water.

This reminds me of how often I used to swim in these canals and water ski in the rivers as a small girl. I was brought up in Palm City in Lighthouse Point, and water was a lifestyle for me through the '60s and '70s. We explored the rivers, canoed and fished. The river water was never blue, but it was called brackish when I was growing up. I saw my share of dead fish and junk along the shores while searching for messages in bottles (which I found several times and wrote back).

But when I was taken by boat with my Dad heading to the ocean inlet to camp on Sailfish Point or Pecks Lake, the water was a beautiful blue. The islands were much bigger and the infestation of animals and birds was abundant. I remember you couldn't even walk on the islands without stepping on a nest filled with bird eggs in the sand.

After experiencing the river throughout my life, I decided to do our part and dive into the issues our waters are facing. If sugar isn't going to move and stop polluting the waters, I thought we should explore other positive solutions or next steps to resolve the issue. There was so much to write about, it could have taken up the whole magazine. So in this issue, we present Part 1 of our story. In Part 2, we'll revisit all past and future ideas again.

Speaking about water, I would be remiss if I didn't mention our local swim team from Indian River State College. I know a lot of you swam on the MC swim team growing up, so this story is important for you to know. I'm sure we have a great swimmer in our midst for a future Olympics someday.

My excitement for the New Year inspires me to look forward to 2016 and to think about the great stories we have planned. We are working hard to continuously engage our readers and keep them entertained and well-informed. I invite you to join us each month by reading the magazine, and visiting our website and Facebook page. We appreciate your feedback.

From our staff here at Stuart Magazine, we hope this holiday season will provide each of you and your families with blessings and happiness and a prosperous New Year! See you in 2016!