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Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter: Best Of The Region

Stuart Magazine is all about the locals in St. Lucie County to southern Martin County. We try to bring you what is most relevant and current with our publication and hope this past season we have engaged you with our area’s important issues, people and places.

Now, our team goes to work planning for next year’s exciting season. Like you, we will enjoy our favorite local spots for a few months before the crowded streets and restaurants start up again.

Stuart is a city that is no stranger to evolution and change, especially when it comes to food and fun things to do. As a local, I get to experience or re-experience the best of both worlds every year. So, in appreciation for our residents who are here during this time of year, we bring you our third annual “Best of the Region” winners.

For five months (November to April), we polled our readers, then the top three nominees advanced to the final round. This year marked our largest number of voter submissions to date. Our year-round and seasonal residents are really voicing their opinions on what they feel are the best.

It was interesting to watch the nomination process from start to finish. Many called and asked, “Do you have to be an advertiser to be nominated?” I told them, “Absolutely not!” There were some restaurants and places I have never heard of. Toward the end there were some categories where competitors were close. Now that the final votes are in, the winners, determined by our readers, are showcased in this issue.

Please go out and support them and let them know you saw them featured in Stuart Magazine. And next fall, watch for the voting to start up again. Keep an eye out for our awards that go up on the walls of the winners’ businesses, and know it’s all thanks to the readers of Stuart Magazine!

We have also launched our first “Faces of Martin and St. Lucie.” We were so excited to have some of the best representations from our area. We hope you get to know all of them, and if you want to be a face of your industry, let us know.

This is the season for cookouts, friends and family, and summer getaways. We hope you enjoy our area and get some beach time and, of course, wear sunscreen. Happy summer!