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Publisher's Letter: A Bright New Year

Another New Year is here, and we are once again reminded of how lucky we are to live in paradise! One thing I love about the New Year is a fresh outlook. You can take last year’s problems and leave them behind, waking up with a renewed spirit and fresh ideas. I don’t like making resolutions, but one goal I have for 2018 is to spend more time with my family, enjoying the simple things in life.

This issue features an article, which appears in all six Gulfstream Media publications, on rail expansion. The story focuses mostly on the southern leg from Miami to West Palm Beach, and writer Eric Barton requests but doesn’t receive comment from Brightline, better known to those of us on the Treasure Coast as All Aboard Florida.

For nearly five years, organizations such as Citizens Against Rail Expansion, Florida Not All Aboard and other local groups have raised compelling concerns about increased rail activity delaying public-safety response times, backing up boats by keeping the St. Lucie rail bridge closed for longer-than-usual periods, and costing taxpayers ongoing maintenance fees for rail crossings. Martin and Indian River counties remain in litigation regarding Brightline’s plans to expand passenger rail to Orlando.

While it’s interesting to get some perspective on the problems, and possibilities, rail expansion poses for the counties to our south, there’s no denying that it presents an entirely different set of issues for us. Look for a forthcoming story on how Brightline could impact residents across Martin and St. Lucie counties.

January’s issue brings us a lot of great stories. Knight Kiplinger is on our cover. Photographed at his gorgeous, historic home, Bay Tree Lodge on Sewall’s Point, Kiplinger details his bold vision for Pineland Prairie, a mixed-use development proposed in Palm City that seeks to preserve two-thirds of the 3,400-acre property, offer a town square with retail, commercial and office space, and provide housing options not seen anywhere in South Florida.

We also have a piece about crafted cocktails. This year we picked two great locations, one is a brand new hotel on the beach, Hutchinson Shores, and the other is a well established restaurant, the District Table and Bar, which is doubling in size at a new location in Port Salerno. Both have amazing bars and drinks. It was interesting to see the mixologists creating these complicated beverages right in front of us. Burned rosemary and freshly ground fruits were just some of the personal touches these bartenders put into their cocktails. The results? A lot of laughs and some great recipes we want to pass on to you. Whether it’s vodka or rum, you’re sure to enjoy the atmosphere as well as the libations at these local watering holes. Let me know if you make any at home!

As we wrap up this January issue and look toward the rest of the year, we have some great things coming up. Stories about love, resilience and, of course, my favorite “Before and Afters” round-up. If you have a great renovation story, please send it to us. Every March we pick some of our favorites and showcase them in the magazine. Whether it’s a pool, kitchen or bathroom, we want to see how local designers are turning their clients’ dreams into realities!

From all of us at Stuart Magazine, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity this New Year.