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Publisher's Letter: A Helping Hand

I had been hearing the rumors for quite some time about a large movement out west toward some type of energy building going on. Our editorial team and I set out to hunt it down, and discovered FPL's mission to install solar panels—and a lot of them! The Treasure Coast is home to several of 18 total centers in the state creating the 30-by-30 solar panel initiative. The plan is to install 30 million new solar panels by 2030. I was so ecstatic that clean, renewable energy was becoming a priority, and more so to see the impact it will have on the Treasure Coast. This gives us a chance to grow our economy, improve our health and protect our environment! Harnessing the sun; what better place to do that than in Florida? Check out our article by Ike Crumpler on page 49.

I work out at a gym called Barwis. It’s a special gym in many ways, but especially since it specializes in helping those with physical disabilities. I find the strength of these members inspiring. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Brian Wright and Nick Lucius who specialize in working with these athletes. I met one of these amazing people, Chris Norton, and I learned more about his life. Chris is in a wheelchair after a football accident nearly a decade ago. After speaking with Chris, I wanted to tell the world his story about how he turned his accident into an opportunity to become a motivational speaker and, eventually, a foster and adoptive parent.

After speaking with Chris, I knew we needed to spotlight the growing need for foster families in our area. There are currently 200-plus children in Martin County without a home. Read “Breaking the Cycle” on page 54, which discusses the climate of fostering and adoption ahead of May—National Foster Care Month. Photographer Lindsey Potter captured touching photos and Amy Woods wrote the insightful story.

There’s a quote that floats around the internet: “There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.” You don’t have to foster or adopt to support the incredible work these organizations do to help children find their forever homes. We urge you to reach out and support their work.