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Publisher's Letter: Looking to the future

Atwo-page spread in a 1969 Martin County newspaper called “Orchids to Martin County” claimed that a new development, Stuart Yacht and Country Club, would “add value to the area real estate.” Fifty years later, I’m thrilled the assessment was right. Now, after a remodel of the club, it is being highlighted as one of the premium club memberships in the area.

The development was founded in 1969. Our area was untouched; acres of palm trees and swamp grass sprawled out as far as the eye could see, and this perfect piece of property would offer golf and waterfront living.

As a native Floridian growing up in Palm City with my family, being one of the first to move to Lighthouse Point, I can relate to the excitement of this milestone. I’m sure my parents would tell me this was a big thing to happen in Martin County back in the day. It is a wonderful community to live in, from wonderful charity events to amazing food, and don’t forget the golf. We are excited to give you a look inside the community through some of its residents and history on page 50.

Anyone who knows me knows I love interior design. Driving through our local neighborhoods, I couldn’t help but notice more homes than ever painted bright with vibrant colors and charming front porches. So, we decided to visit some of these homes and speak to the owners. We learned about their design inspiration and even some of their struggles (one homeowner moved their home here from Palm Beach on a barge). You’ll fall in love with each house and the wonderful stories on page 58.

Speaking of interior design, we are excited to announce our new home design section for local interior designers that will be published in our next issue. We cannot wait to hear the great stories about our local talent, as well as see some of their work. This year, our “Before and After” feature will be on our local country clubs. All of our beautiful communities have had some amazing facelifts.

As we approach the beginning of spring and look to the future, we are already preparing for our next season and narrowing down stories for our editorial calendar. Please let us know if there is someone with an exciting story to tell, or if there is an important subject you want to bring to our attention.