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Publisher's Letter: To a year of prosperity

I always look forward to the New Year and all the immense promise it holds. We always reflect on the past issues and look forward to what lies ahead.

I’m so proud of our area, our people and what our magazines reflected on in 2018. I have received high praise from many of you on our issues, and we are beyond proud of how strong we have been and hope to continue that trend by representing our Treasure Coast area in the future. We are very proud to have a strong parent company, as well as our sister publications—Jupiter Magazine, The Palm Beacher, Boca Life Magazine and Gold Coast magazine—to make us an even stronger voice in South Florida.

Our editorial team helps us push hard to get interesting stories to you locally and regionally, and our digital platforms are now more powerful than ever. We are continually growing in the digital world, and our advertising teams sell every platform that is new and evolving in the marketplace.

This year, we have a new production manager named Kaleigh Lipka. If you are a current advertiser, you will see her in your emails. I am also celebrating my 12th year with this wonderful magazine, and it wouldn’t be possible without my assistant, Kayla Walsh, whom many of you know.

As I reflect on our position here and where we want to go, I am grateful for everyone who supports and surrounds us; our friends and families, and of course, our advertisers and public voices who write me. We ask a lot from all of you with late-night emails, appointments and more. I want to personally thank you and all the people whose love and support allows us to do our best.

May 2019 be a year of success and achievement for you, your families and your businesses.