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Rock on

It started when someone introduced me to a new carbohydrate drink at BIG BB Performance Center in St. Lucie County. I was to use the drink as a supplement to my workout routine, and I loved it. When I later found out the Benedix brothers of BIG BB Performance Center had created it, my excitement for our feature on millennials began. What could be better than writing about this generation and all of their accomplishments?

 Some people say millennials are consumed with Instagram and Facebook. Others believe they are the “me” generation—spoiled and entitled, believing they are the center of the world.

Whatever the case, we met some amazing millennials in our area who are far from the stereotype. They are passionate and driven. While some may have failed at first, they got back up on their feet and became more successful than ever. 

In the United States, millennials make up 27 percent of the population and 25 percent of the workforce. Twenty-five percent of millennials are now parents, and 80 percent of millennials will be parents come 2026. About 80 percent of millennials also own a smart phone.

We hope you enjoy our local millennial feature. There are many others we didn’t get to meet, but we hope to revisit this again. Be sure to send us your picks, so we can see what this generation is up to for a future issue.

 Last year, my kids and I looked for Pokémon everywhere we went. This year, I’m looking for rocks! Yes, it’s all the rave these days. Cindy Wiley-Rhude and her daughter Kaitlynn Byrne launched Martin County Rocks around Thanksgiving, after Wiley-Rhude’s sister, who was visiting from Lakeland, introduced them the concept that took off in her town. It is now a nationwide frenzy, and Stuart Magazine is in the game. We hid a rock adorned with a Stuart Magazine logo, and the finder of the rock will be rewarded with a meal at a local restaurant. We have now hidden more than a dozen all over Stuart. The funniest thing was I gave my daughter, Kayla, the job of hiding about four rocks with her friend, Kayana, and when they returned, I found out they had hidden them in retail stores. So while you might be looking in your local park or town, don’t forget your local bookstore or favorite makeup store, hint hint! And, of course, I want to thank our local Walsh gang for painting the rocks and getting the work done for Stuart Magazine. The designs are beautiful! 

As you all know, I am passionate about mental health and charitable giving, so enjoy our stories on Moms for Mental Health (page 48) and Impact 100 (page 52). Thank you to Pat Williams for introducing me to these organizations, which have become a great fit in this issue.

 We are also planning our editorial calendar for the 2017-2018 season. We will be working on our famous Charity Datebook out in October and our Medical issue in November, as well as some new, exciting content for 2018. Feel free to let me know what is going on in your organization or business as we are always on the lookout for some amazing stories in Martin and St. Lucie County.

 Enjoy your spring, and if you’re a millennial, be passionate about our changing world and what that means for you. Get out there, and live your dream! 

Stuart Magazine wishes you a fabulous April.