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The Show Must Go On

As many of you know, I have lots of stories about growing up in this town. I have written often about my childhood. One of my greatest and scariest memories as a child is related to our story on the Lyric Theatre.

As a little girl, I went to see the “Bambi” premiere at the Lyric. Back then, there were commercials in between the rolls of film changing that showcased upcoming movies. That commercial was for the movie “The Skull,” and whoever’s brainy idea that was to scare tons of small children as they were watching the sweet show “Bambi” must have thought it would be funny to send us all home with bad dreams. Believe me, “Bambi” was not on my mind that night – only that traveling skull on my wall chasing Thumper. I also remember seeing “Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte” at the Lyric, too. What were my parents thinking? Needless to say, I don’t like scary movies that much.

As we’re going to press, the historic, iconic theater is going through a major makeover. As I write about this, I wonder if any cool, historical things are found in those walls.

Also on my bucket list is our own bucket list for the area. We had fun putting it together with our writer Suzanne Wentley, and I hope to keep this list going year after year. If you want to suggest something next year, I will be on the lookout for some really interesting items! Please write to me and let me know how many items on the list you accomplished in 2015. Show me some proof and I might have a great prize for you. You will be known as our ultimate bucket list buster! Let us know how many you completed by December 2015 with photos and receipts for proof.

And since I love our St. Lucie County area, we couldn’t help but write about our greatest fair in the area, the St. Lucie Fair. It is celebrating 50 years, and I am so happy for everyone involved in it. We have some great stories and a historical look into this awesome event. Thanks to DLF Media for helping us out again in St. Lucie. We couldn’t have done it without you.

And speaking of St. Lucie, we have a great new addition to our sales family, Kayla Walsh. She handles our Port St. Lucie area, and is hitting the streets to visit all of you every day. She has been our social media director and she wanted to sell, too!

Another addition is our Fashion Correspondent Marianne Humburg. She will be visiting your beautiful stores. If you want her to see your new fashion items and include them in her fashion page, please email us.

So go ride a Ferris wheel, watch a play at the Lyric and check off something on your local bucket list!