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Why It’s Important To Talk About Mental Health And Take A Little Time For Yourself

Sometimes I need a walk to clear my mind. In the publishing business, we go into overload on deadline days. It’s easy to feel mentally exhausted. But little do we know, that if we don’t take that walk or get a breath of fresh air to unplug, we can seriously damage our bodies and minds. Studies show that people who take mental breaks have reduced neural activity in the brain, which lowers the risk of mental illness, compared to those who don’t.

My main reason for making this brain-themed issue is to erase the misinformation out there about mental illness. It frustrates me when someone whispers under their breath, “Oh, he or she is bipolar,” or “They have issues.” The truth is, if that person does have a mental illness, the best thing to do is to talk to that person in order to understand the disease. Mental illnesses are curable. With more than one in four adults living with a mental illness, we need to break down the stigma of brain disorders. Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression are treatable. We hope the article, “Connecting the Dots on Brain Disorders,” will enlighten you about mental illness, and encourage anyone you know struggling with a disease to seek treatment at one of our wonderful resources in the area.

The story also touches on signs of Alzheimer’s disease so children of a parent or loved one with memory loss can help them with the disease. These brain diseases also affect our generation as we take care of our parents. I know firsthand that there is a lot to learn and a lot that can be done to help those you love with this affliction.

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