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Eric Wilson Finds One Of The Greatest Golf Memorabilia Collections In Florida

As a neophyte collector and golf history buff, I enjoy gathering and perusing golf memorabilia such as books, magazines, golf clubs from different eras and pretty much anything from golf’s bygone times. I’ve even taken to playing with hickory-shafted golf clubs instead of the modern equipment, and my enjoyment and understanding of the game have increased dramatically.

I purchased my first set of hickory-shafted clubs from my friend Tom Stewart in Pinehurst, North Carolina, more than a decade ago. Tom is a life member of the PGA of America, and through his travels around the globe has managed to accumulate one of the most significant golf art, book, club and artifact collections ever assembled in one place. Imagine my excitement when I received an email telling me that Tom has now opened Old Sport & Gallery in Jupiter as an extension of his Pinehurst shop, and it is just around the corner from me.

I stopped by recently and rekindled our friendship, sharing stories of friends and acquaintances and looked around his impressive collection. I could not resist the volumes of old books and ended up purchasing a 1921 edition of Progressive Golf by Harry Vardon—what a great read. On my second visit, Tom and I talked about a rare book written by Sir Walter Simpson in 1887, The Art of Golf. As he pored over his many volumes, Tom found two first editions and offered to sell me one.

Owning a copy of this book is the ultimate for any golf collector, and I quickly agreed to take it off his hands. If you have even the slightest interest in seeing one of golf’s great memorabilia collections, stop by and visit with Tom at the Driftwood Plaza in Jupiter. Tell him “Doc Wilson” sent you.

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