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How Golfers Can Improve Their Putting

While looking through my golf library last week, I came across an interesting book written in 1920 by Willie Park, Jr., two-time Open champion, called The Art of Putting.

Park is credited with a few famous quotes, including, “A man who can putt is a match for anyone.” The relatively short book—only 47 pages in length—provides even the modern-day golfer with guidance on how best to succeed on the green. 

Willie noted the importance of finding a proper putter, and it just so happens that the referenced putter was designed by Willie Park Jr. himself! His putting stance was quite open, and the ball was positioned well back of center, almost off his right foot. While Park claimed to “stand fairly upright,” pictures show that he choked down quite a bit on the putter, and his hands were almost level with his knees at the address position. He advised that “all the hitting should be done with one hand, and that one [is] the right hand. To prevent the left hand from taking part, let the left elbow touch the left side.” 

Finally, Park got to the heart of the matter—practice. He stated that,“No matter how much a player may know about how to putt, his knowledge will be of little practical use to him unless he practices.” Park would often practice four hours a day on a six-hole putting green in his backyard, developing his unique style and gaining the confidence he needed to win the Open Championship. Give Park’s concept a try and see if it improves your putting.