Smooth Moves

Packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor, smoothie bowls are all the rage for a healthy breakfast.


Contrary to popular belief, smoothie bowls did not rise  from the desire to create an Instagram-worthy breakfast—although the app did help its popularity. Brazilians have been enjoying frozen acai since the ’90s, long before the trend made its way stateside. In Stuart, the superior acai smoothie bowls at Fruits & Roots Juice Bar + Vegan Café are made by blending frozen acai with banana, berries, house-made cashew milk, dates, water, a pinch of salt and vanilla, and topped with banana, berries, granola, and coconut. “We make everything from scratch, and we have talented people in the kitchen who love to explore their creativity,” says Amber Eichling, who founded the café more than five years ago. Every dish at Fruits & Roots starts with quality organic ingredients including produce from nearby CoLab Farms. Says Eichling: “I wanted to make food that people can enjoy whether they’re vegan or not.”

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