How To Boost Your Home’s Appeal By Improving Its Outside Appearance


Whether the goal is to entertain guests at home or entice buyers, your home’s curb appeal will influence visitors’ first impressions. And it isn’t just how the home looks from the street that matters, but also the smaller observable details.

From the street, creating symmetry, especially around the front door will draw the eye into the entrance, as will having an unobstructed pathway from the street. Painting the front door or replacing it can make a big difference. Make sure exterior trash is not visible. Landscape beds should be well cared for with dead leaves and debris removed, no weeds, fresh mulch or gravel added, and clean edges. Colorful, flowering plants can be added to pots or window boxes giving dimension to the home.

When considering the smaller details, make sure front entries are free of dirt and cobwebs. Pathways and driveways should be clean of weeds and mold. Keep windows near the entry clean and do not display tightly closed blinds or curtains. Front door hardware should be clean and should not have corroded metal or peeling paint. Remove clutter such as shoes, toys and small lawn tools. Lighting fixtures should be clean of bugs and dirt and may need to be updated. A decorative or painted ceiling can offer a nice surprise. Barely visible house numbers should be replaced or painted to make a statement. Finally, the mailbox and plantings around it should be updated to finish the look.

If you’re struggling to see where these improvements can help your home’s curb appeal, enlist a friend or neighbor for their fresh take on your home. Or, call your local real estate professional. They would be more than happy to consult for free, even if you aren’t planning to sell anytime soon.

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