The Importance Of Exquisite Ceilings In Luxury Homes


One of the most-appreciated facets when showing a luxury property is the attention given to the ceilings of a home. “Ceilings should further a home’s expressive look and feel,” says Ariel G. Chen, owner and principal designer at The Crafted Chen based in Port St. Lucie.

Although homes in lower price points may move beyond the typical flat, white ceiling, in luxury properties, exquisite ceilings are expected, incorporating beautiful designs and materials. Some of the more common styles include tray, coffered, coved, cathedral/vaulted, barrel vaulted or the groin vaulted.

A tray ceiling is built upward with cutouts resembling a tray that are deeper than the outer edge. For dramatic effect, there may be multiple steps or edges upward.

A coffered ceiling is created with sunken panels of various shapes and sizes that create a grid pattern. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, coffered ceilings can help absorb sound or define an area in an open floor plan.

Once common in even modest homes, coved ceilings have a curve, rather than a sharp angle, between the wall and ceiling. They are beautiful but can make it challenging to transition from wall to ceiling with different paints or materials.

Cathedral or vaulted ceilings resemble an inverted “V” and make a room appear larger by drawing the eye upward. Similarly, the barrel vault resembles an inverted “U.” Even more striking, the groin vault is created by the intersection of right angles of two barrel vaults. It’s the ceiling often thought of when envisioning European churches from the Middle Ages.

All of these ceiling designs are further embellished in luxury homes through the use of added materials such as rare woods, stones, metals and even artist renderings. Executed well, the ceiling design will capture the attention of homeowners and visitors alike.

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