How to Protect Yourself from the Sun While Fishing


Florida provides a picturesque setting when looking across any body of water. The temptation to be outside everyday exists, but alas, work gets in the way. So, when the time for a planned angling trip arrives, I am as ready as a kid staring down a present to open.

I’m a weekend warrior. Just a few weeks ago, I had the chance to gear up and stalk the flats. I caught and released a juvenile snook and a few petite mangrove snappers. It was a great day, but one thing remains a constant: the heat. After a few minutes of angling, I can taste the salt on my lips and feel the sear of the sun on my face. Even my crows feet are maturing and shaping with every smile-inducing squint.

That’s why protecting exposed skin while fishing is always top of mind. Even during South Florida cooldowns, the sun is potent and will burn you. Heck, I’ve been scorched with no visible sun. If you don’t take precautions, there is always a risk of developing some form of skin disease or cancer. You must be aware of those forgettable places, like the nose, the lips, the tops of ears and the backs of necks—even the tops of your hands and feet can crisp up quickly.

In terms of proper eye protection, polarized glasses work best and are designed to reduce the water surface glare. I always carry a high SPF sunscreen and wear a lightweight hat plus long sleeves. Today, clothing for the outdoors is made with lightweight materials that have built-in sun protection.

Most of us know a sunburn can turn into painful, sleepless nights and irritatingly itchy days. But by taking note of my tips above, you can avoid overexposure to the sun and enjoy fishing whenever you choose. Get sunburned and sitting becomes a chore. Fishing should never be a chore. Protect yourself and go catch a fish.

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