Why Sumptous Bathrooms Are Needed In Luxury Homes


Luxury is about moving beyond necessity to that which supports great comfort and pleasure. A sumptuous bathroom should invoke feelings of relaxation. The key is not only in a style that is pleasing to the homeowner, but also in four key features: a grand shower, a soaking tub, a peaceful view, and adjustable and statement lighting.
A grand shower is trending in homes of all price points, but in a luxury home this is taken to another level. Facilitating a sense of escape, a shower may have glass walls, no door, bench seating and multiple water outputs, including rain showerheads, water jets, steam and hydro massagers.

With the trend toward large, decked-out showers, many are foregoing a soaking tub to maximize space. However, including a deep soaking tub is essential to a complete luxury bath. Even if rarely used, having the option to soak, rest and relax is the epitome of extravagant living.

Capitalizing on a gorgeous view helps promote a sense of serenity. Whether the view is of the ocean, river or a private garden, and whether it is visible from the shower, tub or entire room, a large picture window brings the soothing outdoors in and allows for the entrance of clean, natural light.

Adjustable lighting both in color and intensity, as well as statement lighting, are essential to a luxury bathroom. The first allows the homeowner to maximize the bathroom’s function (good lighting is necessary for applying makeup, for example), but also to change the ambiance to one of relaxation when using some of the other luxury features of the bathroom. Statement lighting can be placed in the center of the bath, over a tub or a vanity and adds to the room’s elegance and style.

When designing a bathroom, incorporating these key features will elevate the room to luxury.

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