Dealing With Disappointment During A Day Of Fishing


Within our crystal-clear dazzling waters exist trophy-sized fish that anglers yearn to battle with. Power, greatness and sheer herculean strength will assure victory heading into battle, mostly. Some days on the water can easily turn into joyless sorrow, and your adventure into perfect conditions can leave you holding a participation trophy in the end.

In other words, every seasoned angler deals with a day of disappointment.

We are talking about outsmarting an inferior species. Yet with constant casting, perfect placement and presentation of your bait or lures, it’s not a guarantee you will come out victorious. I always say to myself, “This is the last cast, and it’s going to be the one.”

Yet, the “one” never strikes and it can feel like the Earth stopped rotating. As anglers, you will experience “skunking.”

Being skunked, or left without a catch, is truly disappointing. The day started out promising and ended up as your worst round to date.

Let the blame games commence; perhaps there are low atmospheric pressures, unstable water temperatures, a slightly overcast full moon, the wrong tide, etc. You can easily come up with an excuse over a day of being skunked.

The thing is, after decades of being skunked from time to time, you come to realize fishing will become hot again. Count on it.

Persistence will help you reclaim your throne and once again reign as king. You must be patient through the times when your subjects are obstinate and fussy.

Ultimately, with enough tenacity, you will return to the pristine waters with emperor-like resolve, overcoming the skunking. I love fishing even when I’m not catching.

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