Fishing Day Fun with Reel Can Cooler

Bruce Moorhead's koozie creation brings a little novelty to days spent out on the water

Photo courtesy of Bruce Moorhead
Photo courtesy of Bruce Moorhead

For Bruce Moorhead, “beer in, fish on” is more than just a motto. It’s a way of life. So the Fort Pierce resident decided to combine two things he loves and invent something useful. “I was looking at a fishing reel, and the idea popped in my head that it would be pretty cool to stick a beer can in it,” he says of his invention. “It’s such a fun, simple design that puts a smile on people’s faces.” Called the Reel Can Cooler ($30), Moorhead’s creation is basically a drink koozie that resembles a fishing reel. The novelty item made its debut at the Stuart Boat Show in January and was an immediate hit with local water enthusiasts. It comes in five colors, features a reinforced handle, can be customized with personalized branding on the side—and it floats, so no worries if you drop it in the water.

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