Fishing In Florida’s Freshwaters


The best way to describe the chains and bodies of freshwater in Florida is that they resemble the clearest, coolest looking aquarium in a showcase display. And with Florida’s unbeatable climate, there’s no match to how freshwater fishing can be just as competitive to anglers who prefer saltwater.

While drifting across a scenic basin, my eyes fill with sights of cabbage palms and tall oaks covered in Spanish moss that hang off the branches like blankets. The wildlife is bountiful. There are birds of prey floating on a shifting wind. And, below, is a vast amount of ample waterfowl, baitfish and lily pads settled between tall grasses protruding from the water’s shimmering appearance. But wait—there’s more. Fish! Lots of them.

Beyond the untouched sense of natural beauty in our state’s freshwater lakes are largemouth bass waiting to ambush a bait—and strike hard they will.

I was first introduced to bass angling with a dear friend. I fell head-over-heels in love with the picturesque setting. And at the same time, a real passion for the saltwater fishing alternate developed.

Utilizing most of what I’ve learned when angling in saltwater, in addition to spending years tackling the backcountry, inland and offshore saltwater, I needed some tweaking to my freshwater approach, but the feeling of landing a fish was just as exhilarating. Whether using a fly rod, bait caster or spinning reel, fishing in freshwater has given me another true way to enjoy my fascination with fishing in Florida.

Above all, when saltwater fishing isn’t a viable option, I go catch some incredible species of freshwater fish. There are many tactics and techniques that can influence catching freshwater fish, but all in all, even a novice can enjoy a day on Florida’s mesmerizing freshwaters.

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