How Clyde Tiger Changed His Life And Is Helping Others Through Fit Fixins


It’s healthy, tasty, fresh and delivered to your door ready-to-eat. It may sound too good to be true, but the key ingredients are hard work and heart.

“I’m not a dietitian,” says Clyde Tiger, founder of Fit Fixins in Port St. Lucie, which services Indian River County to Broward County. “I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a chef.”

Clients might call him a lifesaver. But the first life he saved was his own.

Over a 15-year career in commercial construction, Tiger advanced from sweeping up job sites to mastering multiple trades and managing major projects. But when the economy crashed, his opportunities crumbled. Tiger soon found himself underemployed, overstressed and overweight.

Resolving to shape up, Tiger exercised his body and mind, researching dietary and nutritional information. He dropped 60 pounds and picked up a new career as a personal trainer. Still, he couldn’t make ends meet. But he could make delicious, nutritious food. And that would change the now 40-year-old Port St. Lucie resident’s life—and the lives of others—more than he ever imagined.

What motivated you to lose weight ?

I wondered, ‘How did I get here? I was active in my early 20s. How did I get to 270 pounds?’ I started going to the gym, reading about portion control. Over a year and a half, I lost 60 pounds.

How did you become a personal trainer ?

I had a buddy who was overweight. I helped him lose about 80 pounds. Everyone was like, ‘You should be a personal trainer.’ And I was like, ‘I love helping people, I love health and fitness. I love the way it makes me feel, and the way it makes other people feel.’ So, I left everything I knew in construction and started out as a personal trainer.

How did it go ?

It was very tough, personally, emotionally, spiritually. It was a tough spot in my life, but I kept showing up and kept with my passion.

What happened to change your situation ?

My clients were saying, ‘I’m not losing weight fast enough.’ I put on Facebook: I’ll come to your house and cook for you. A client was like, ‘Can you just put it in boxes and bring it to us?’ Soon two clients turned to three, and turned to four.

When did things take off ?

I was cooking and training. It became taxing on me. I had to make a decision: cook or train? I decided, I’m going to cook. I rented some kitchen space in Port St. Lucie. I just needed a couple days a week. But it turned into full-time, [then] staff. We moved into a facility that’s 3,000 square feet and now have 20 employees. We work with so many people, including five or six Miami Dolphins.

So how many meals are you making ?

We serve 3,000 meals a week. Food is delivered fresh. Low-glycemic, 100-percent gluten-free. No hormones. No GMO. Lactose-free cheese, low sodium, full nutritional label on every serving.

What do you credit your success to ?

I’ve always had a very strong connection with people and wanting to help people. I got that from my grandfather, George Mitchell, who recently passed. I have a great staff. I couldn’t do what I do on a daily basis without my team. The people who I have around me allow me to do what I do. Father of five, beautiful wife. I’m faithful to God for everything that he took me through—all the trials and tribulations. I get choked up because it’s just amazing to me.

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