Rise and Shine with Jackie Vitale

The Stuart resident brings artisan bread to the community through Otto's Bread Club

Photo courtesy of Jackie Vitale
Photo courtesy of Jackie Vitale

Jackie Vitale has been a cheesemaker in London, co-owner of Ground Floor Farm in downtown Stuart, and chef in residence at the Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva Island. In 2020, she founded Otto’s Bread Club, a membership-based bakery service akin to a CSA program. Membership options range from $8/week to $35/month, and special workshops are open to the public.

What prompted you to start Otto’s Bread Club?

I love cooking, fermentation, and feeding my community. As I’ve explored different areas of food production, sourdough bread baking has become my main focus. The pandemic solidified for me a desire to run a nimble business with low overhead and a lot of flexibility. Being able to operate Otto’s Bread Club out of my home has been a real gift.

Where do you source your ingredients? 

I love that I get to have such an intimate relationship with our regional food economy. All the flour I use comes from one mill in North Carolina, and all the grain milled there is grown on small farms in the South. Similarly, many of the other ingredients I use come from local producers, and I obsessively source what I can’t find locally with a focus on flavor, environmental impact, and workplace ethics.

What do you love most about the process of baking bread?

So much! I really like being on my feet and working with my hands. I love the magic of transforming simple ingredients—flour, salt, and water—into something so complex. I love
collaborating with the natural world. The temperature, humidity, and mood of the microbes on any given day are always changing and impacting the baking process. 

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