The FACE of Championing Children


Lori Griffith, Chasin A Dream Foundation

Lori Griffith, founder of the Chasin A Dream Foundation, has an unyielding passion for aiding local children battling life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, creating a legacy of hope, empathy, and transparency.

Established in 2017, the Chasin A Dream Foundation bears a noble tenet: “Locals helping
locals.” Griffith’s fervent desire was to create a haven where all donors and supporters could directly witness the transformational impact they were effecting in the lives of children facing daunting medical challenges.

Under her stewardship, the foundation has emerged as a beacon of light, channeling over
$800,000 in financial aid to local children across Martin, St Lucie, and Palm Beach counties. The foundation’s accomplishments are a testament to its founder’s resolute dedication, distributing 400 backpacks equipped with iPads, while five service dogs bring solace to children with seizure disorder and spinal cord injuries.

Griffith’s innovation continues with the Moms Mental Health Program, supporting the unsung heroes behind each child, and the Pediatric Pantry catering to unique dietary needs. Her unwavering belief in transparency, encompassing honesty, authenticity, and accountability, propels her. Through tireless efforts, she showcases that compassion isn’t just a virtue, it’s a unifying journey, cultivating strength, empathy, and collective goodwill within the community.


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