Here’s How To Decide If A Community With A Homeowners Association Is Right For You


Communities governed by a homeowners association (HOA) are in no shortage on the Treasure Coast, but is living in such a community right for you? To determine as much, you might want to consider the many benefits of an HOA.

HOAs are put in place to protect the market value of the homes in the neighborhood. This is done through enforcement of guidelines for housing design (minimum size, number of garage bays, materials and style, lot size, landscape, etc.), maintenance and upkeep of properties, and by offering special amenities.

The amenities that help maintain value also serve as a source of enjoyment, help offset the HOA dues and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the community. Such amenities may include a secured/gated entrance, cable, internet, lawn care, recreational facilities (think clubhouse, exercise room, pool, tennis and golf) and walking/biking trails. In high-end neighborhoods, amenities can extend to on-site restaurants, and spa and salon services.

A less obvious benefit of a community governed by an HOA is that it is one of the few ways to buy into new construction in our area and will usually result in access to public water, sewer and underground utilities. Another benefit easily overlooked is the “community feel” that comes from living where there is an HOA. Through neighborhood-sponsored activities, there may be opportunities to meet and develop relationships with neighbors.

Living in an HOA isn’t right for everyone, though. Some people find the expense of as much unwarranted for what is received in return, while others find the rules and regulations too restrictive. It may not mean that a community with an HOA should be eliminated, but just that certain ones may not be the right fit. Discuss any concerns with a real estate professional who knows the local market and can guide you accordingly.

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