How Floors Can Make Or Break A Home


Floors arguably make the biggest statements in a home, setting the stage for an interior’s design. Why then, when building or remodeling a luxury property, do owners sometimes consider lesser products? According to Sandra Sherman of Stuart and North Palm Beach’s Tile Market & Design, clients suggest “it is an easy place to keep the budget in check, but the flooring selected should be equivalent to the status of the home.” Luxury products to consider include natural stone, porcelain, mosaic, hardwood, or even carpet.

One of our region’s most sought-after flooring choices is natural stone, specifically marble or travertine. The harder and more dense the product, as well as the more vivid or unique the stone’s pattern, the greater the expense.

Some people do not like the maintenance or look of natural stone. Porcelain is another option, with high-quality products manufactured from minerals and powders of more dense stones. Often confused with ceramic, porcelain is stronger and more versatile.

Incorporating mosaics from materials such as stone, glass, stainless, porcelain or mirror can create a striking focal point in a home. The quality can range from stock mosaic to custom water-jet cut, or even custom works of art created by hand.

Hardwood, though not as durable as tile, can contribute to a warm, welcoming feel and will be less taxing after hours of standing. The most luxurious selections come from exotic, reclaimed, or hand-scraped woods.

While carpet is not as common here, luxury carpet or rugs may be used in high-end properties. Most important is to select a natural fiber such as wool, which is naturally stain resistant, durable and repels dust mites.

In luxury properties, consideration should be given to the quality of materials selected; this is just as true of flooring as it is of other aesthetics.

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