Tea Is Good For More Than Just Breakfast. Here Are 5 Way To Use Leaves, Herbs For Your Health.


We all know green tea offers health benefits and that a Starbucks chai is packed with more sugar than nutrients. But to further our knowledge, Maureen Ruggeri, owner of South Florida’s Eat the Tea and self-proclaimed tea aficionado, offers up cures to daily ailments using leaves and herbs.


Cure a stomach ache

The remedy: Lemongrass and ginger

Why it works: Both ingredients are anti-inflammatory herbs that will help settle an upset stomach. They are also known to lower the risk of chronic disease and reduce appetite.


Reverse a headache

The remedy: Rose petals, lavender, passion flower and an herb called skullcap

Why it works: Headaches are often caused by stress, so rose petals, lavender and passion flower, which offer relaxing properties through vitamin C, help calm nerves. Skullcap is a plant commonly used in medicine to treat insomnia and anxiety.


Promote healthier skin

The remedy: Hibiscus, rose petals and sea buckthorn

Why it works: When it comes to treating the skin, not only does sea buckthorn aid in skin regeneration and shiny, healthy hair, but it’s also used for burns, wound-healing and infections. Mixing this with hibiscus and rose petals offers a high level of collagen, the natural element to healthy skin that depletes with age.



The remedy: Pau d’arco and burdock

Why it works: This combination fights bloating and resets the stomach because both herbs work as antifungals to kill yeast, which often causes discomfort.


Doctor a cold

The remedy: Astragalus and echinacea

Why it works: Famous to Chinese medicine, these two herbs offer immune-supporting properties to fight colds, level fevers and sooth sore throats.

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