Q&A With Olivia Palermo, As She Opens Up About Her New Fashion Collection


Get to know TV personality, model and now fashion designer, Olivia Palermo, as she intros her Spring-Summer 2016 line built in collaboration with Chelsea28 and available now at Nordstrom.

Fashion is…Self expression.

I first realized how much I enjoyed getting dressed when…I would watch my mother put an outfit together.

Launching this line made sense because…Apparel is such an important part of our daily lives and having the ability to be a part of someone’s wardrobe is an honor.

What you need to know when browsing my line is that…This collection is for the girl who loves fashion and wants to be chic. She’s a young professional, maybe just out of school, and wants to look put together at the office as well as after work. This girl is finding new inspiration constantly in fashion magazines that influence her personal style, so I wanted her to have something she can wear in the moment and throughout the year if she wants to. Versatility was very important.

A little-known fact about the brand is…Chelsea28 is a Nordstrom in-house label, so I worked with the design team at Nordstrom Product Group to develop the collection. We met often to discuss my ideas and make them come to life, so it was very collaborative. There was a lot of overlap in our vision and communication was easy—we were very much on the same page in terms of what direction to go in.

Shoppers will love my collection because…It offers that little bit of luxury within affordable fashion. I think pattern, texture and color can elevate an entire look, so this collection has great textures like suede and leather, and bright pops of color and prints that feel luxe.

My wardrobe staples are…I really love separates because you can do a lot with them in terms of styling—mixing them with your wardrobe or layering to create different looks you can wear throughout the year. Adding a vest or jacket to an outfit completely elevates a look.

What inspires me most are…Most of the women in my life. I am surrounded by strong, gracious women.

My favorite accessory is…A statement bracelet or cuff.

I can’t leave the house without…[My] iPhone.

Of my many facets—TV personality, model, designer—my favorite role so far has been…It’s hard to pick just one, however, designing is the most fun.

What’s next for me is…I’m focused on getting the first collection off the ground. I can’t wait to seeing responses from customers. I will also be continuing my work with Ciaté London.

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