Reasons To Relax Before A Day Of Fishing


Here in our subtropical paradise, most outdoor activities are under the heat lamp of the Florida sun. Sometimes, there’s the occasional overcast day with thick humid air, while others are filled with intermittent and sometimes drenching rains or quick-rolling storms. Through it all, we are surrounded by paradise doused with good fishing.

When venturing out for a day on the water, we’re sure to be prepared and excited. Through fishing, adventure meets a day of mental health. From my experience, there is one contender that used to beat me up every time I fished—over preparation. You shouldn’t be thinking, “let me take everything with me” on your outing. The “just-in-case theory” will leave you exhausted.

Let’s be honest, fishing shouldn’t be a chore; it should be an escape from the daily monotony of life. You just need to be prepared for the scenario.

If you’re not targeting large bottom fish, then leave the extra heavy duty rod, reel and all of the tackle for that type of fishing for another day. And if you find yourself going wading, kayaking or paddleboarding, there is no need for all the extras. Less is best.

It has taken me the better part of 30 years to absorb and implement the vital and important mindset to “just relax.” Whether you are fishing inshore, offshore, from a boat or structure such as a bridge, a jetty, a dock or the beach, just relax. It’s the credo even the most experienced and die-hard enthusiasts live by. Take in the peaceful serenity, enjoy the relaxation and go catch a fish!

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