Stuart’s Diverse Marine Life Offers The Best Inshore Catch


The Treasure Coast offers prizes every day yielding a variety of catchable (and tasty) fish. We are gifted to have this example of nature’s excellence, and we are so fortunate to be in such close proximity to incredibly beautiful waterways, lagoons, estuaries and inlets, all of which retain diverse species of fish. 

One of the best things about Florida fishing is that it’s year-round. Let’s focus on the diversity of the inshore catch. Having a specific fish in mind when casting (for example, snook, tarpon, trout and redfish) is a good start as you attempt the catch rather than just fish. There are those anglers who will specifically target an individual species like those mentioned. There’s also what I refer to as “the alien of the flats,” the flounder. Then, there are cold- month catches, like the bluefish and crevalle jack, or its common name “The Jack” (what I like to call “the savior of the flats”).  

On a day when nothing seems to be biting, which happens, you’ll find the voracious appetite of the Jack keeps the bite strong and the fight on. Bonus: most varieties of fish, again, year-round, can and will be found sitting right on top of oyster beds, sandbars, channel edges, pilings of docks, bridges, beaches, piers and jetties. Everywhere you see water, fish are waiting for the ambush. You need to be prepared. 

Also be keen and use some smarts. Certain fish have regulations surrounding the time of year and the amount of fish that can be harvested. That is called a bag limit. The size of a fish you may possess, or its “slot,” is also regulated. Be patient and that will truly lend a hand in enjoying what the Treasure Coast offers. Get fishing and catch them up.

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