Why You Should Adopt Fishing as Your Next Hobby: Explained by Daniel “Dano” Russo


The number of people who live on or near a coastline globally is astounding. In this country alone, the percentage is about 40 percent. Yet, very few coastlines offer a tranquil experience accompanied by such alluring charm. That’s what the Treasure Coast provides—a serene environment to cast away the daily grind. Venture into unruffled tranquility with fishing.

For me, fishing is a way to forgo my woes while enjoying the unflappable nature of our local waters. I find that fishing is the cure for what ails me. I am not alone. But there’s always room for more anglers. The experience and tools to accomplish this feat are right at your fingertips. Coastlines in Florida are ubiquitous.

Even in its symbolic repetition, the only constant is that conditions are never the same. Your search for diversity is over. Every experience is different in big ways. Even as you utilize all the tools at your disposal and combine years of knowledge and methods, the end results always vary. We seek out one final outcome: to catch a fish. I’ve seen big smiles accompany the catching of little fish. And they only seem to get wider with a larger catch.

I can say for certain that fishing will work those facial muscles and constantly test our resolve. Find peace and an adrenaline rush all in this one activity. The mere thought of becoming an accomplished angler gave me a set of goals,  and not surprisingly, a release from the realities that plague us. But you can only find true peace of mind and soul if you wet a line. What are you waiting for?

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