Pup Port of Call

The Dog Stop in Stuart provides portside pickup for a boatman’s best friend


A sleeping dog at the harbor of Heiligenhafen with some boat masts in the background on a sunny day.

Most dogs may be natural swimmers, but that doesn’t mean they have their sea legs. If you’re heading out for a boat day and need to leave your furry friend behind, The Dog Stop in Stuart has you covered.

Located in the North River Shores Plaza, The Dog Stop offers a convenient amenity called portside pet pickup. Just let them know when you’re set to sail and a team member will come to the marina, pick up your pet for a day of doggie day care at its 11,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor center, and make a dockside return when you’re back. 

Outside play at The Dog Stop. Photo by M. Philip Photography
Outside play at The Dog Stop. Photo by M. Philip Photography

Owner Mike Fouts started offering the concierge service in response to client need. He explains: “Somebody called us and said, ‘I’m coming into town on a boat for a day excursion. We need care for our dog.’ It’s a niche market in South Florida. We go and pick up the dogs at the marina and bring them back at the end of day care or boarding.”

Dogs on BoatIn addition to transportation, other arrangements to pamper your landlubbing pet are also available, including one-on-one cuddle sessions for dogs who are anxious or just need a break from the rest of the pack. And worry-prone owners can put their minds at ease by watching live-cam footage online to see what their pooch is up to all day. The location recently launched a new subscription model in January giving regulars the option to bring their dogs in for services as often as they want. 

Additional amenities include grooming, in-home care, training, and a large retail space where you can buy food, treats, toys, and more pet goodies. “We focus on offering services that best match the needs of dog owners,” Fouts says. “What really sets us apart is the team we have in place. Our people genuinely love dogs.” 

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