“Sea Story Girl” Debuts at Elliott Museum

The Stuart museum will showcase the internationally renowned works of Jane Lawton Baldridge in its second floor art gallery to October 31

Jane Lawton Baldridge<br/>Photo by Olga Hamilton Photography and Art
Jane Lawton Baldridge
Photo by Olga Hamilton Photography and Art

The Elliott Museum in Stuart will showcase the internationally-renowned works of Jane Lawton Baldridge in the museum’s second floor art gallery to October 31. The collection, entitled “Portfolios: Jane Lawton Baldridge, A Sea Story Girl,” will exhibit Baldridge’s mixed media works, inspired by her life as an award-winning sailor and licensed boat captain.

Baldridge’s paintings reflect the movement, variation, and transformation of oceans and rivers through color and light. Her current work focuses on sea level rise, the damage caused by plastics, and the threat of pollution to the environment, raising awareness for the ecological challenges facing waterways and coastal areas.
“Having spent my life on, in or beside the water, I have a profound connection to it and have studied the surface tension, wave patterns, visible currents and size of waves,” said Baldridge. “My paintings try to honor the beauty and power of our planet’s water while bringing awareness of erosion and pollution. I want my paintings to bring the viewer to be passionate about and to know more about water, to respect it, to be in awe of it, and to protect it.”
The exhibition kicked off with an opening art reception on Thursday, June 3, which offered museum members and guests an exclusive first look at the artist’s works.
Baldridge’s artwork has been shown in venues like Lincoln Center, Times Square, The Louvre, Museum of Computer Art, Mint Museum, Cameron Museum of Art, Fayetteville Museum of Art, and at the World Festival of Art on Paper in Slovenia. She also has an art print in the Library of Congress. For more information, visit her website.
For more information, call the museum at 772-225-1961 or visit the Elliott Museum website.

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