How A Front Door Can Make Or Break A Luxury Home


Any well-designed luxury home should make a lasting impression, and this often begins at the front door. It is not only an exterior focal point, but it also sets the stage for what one will see and experience once passing through the home’s threshold. Consideration should be given to the door’s scale, design, materials and hardware.

The front door should fit the space in which it resides. If the entryway has high ceilings, the door should be appropriately sized or have transoms to extend the appearance of its height. Scale matters, so a wide door, double doors, or a door with sidelights are appropriate to a wide entryway.

Just as a home’s interior and exterior should have some consistency, the selected front door should match with the home’s overall design. This should go without saying, but to make a statement with the front door, mistakes can be made. Rather than going with a design that differs from the home, the door can make a statement with the materials, color or hardware selected.

Luxury home doors are typically custom made and handcrafted with high-quality materials such as marine-grade steel, glass and wrought iron, as well as durable woods such as mahogany, cherry, teak, oak, ash, alder, cypress and more. They are usually solid core and quite heavy.

Having the appropriate hardware on the front door can help with its ease of use. However, the hardware should also make a statement. Select a metal that coordinates with the design and ensures the hardware is to scale. Feel free to add a touch of whimsy or a surprising feature with hardware, such as decorative doorknocker, for a lasting impression.

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