Finding Your Perfect Fishing Spot


W  hen gearing up for your next fishing excursion, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll pick a spot that you know guarantees constant catching. It makes sense—when we find something that works, we stick to it. Anglers refer to this as their honey hole, the nursery, the production zone, or simply, “the spot.”

There are a variety of reasons we are inclined to revisit a certain area. Most important is because that “spot” holds fish. Thick, grassy areas, mangroves, fallen tree limbs, sandy bottoms for bedding fish, or rocky formations that provide fish with hiding places are perfect breeding conditions.

Whether fishing inshore, offshore, in freshwater or canals, most fish are converging in an area underwater that has some type of structure. Shadow lines are ambush points off a jetty or bridge and also work well. This provides a constant flow of fish-catching adventures.

Whether you’ve found your “spot” or are looking for a new place to fish, keep water temperatures and depth in mind. And if the fish don’t feel like biting because conditions are not right, just be patient and eventually they’ll eat again.

While enjoying your newfound honey hole, remember that you shouldn’t go back to the well too often, or the fish will call the movers, pack up their house and be on their way. Don’t be that neighbor that makes a family move. Relax—there’s plenty of water in South Florida to catch a fish!

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