Women’s Wear on Wheels

A remodeled camper-turned-boutique is selling style on the Treasure Coast

Anngelik Aponte and her husband, Matthew, outside the Joliee boutique
Anngelik Aponte and her husband, Matthew, outside the Joliee boutique.

Anyone who has recently visited downtown Stuart’s Market on Main has probably noticed Joliee, a mobile boutique housed within a remodeled vintage camper. It’s run by owner Anngelik Aponte, a Puerto Rican native who has called the Treasure Coast home since 2019. Joliee started as an online boutique in 2015, and now Aponte stocks her camper-boutique with one-of-a-kind, local pieces. Here, she chats about her mobile biz—and what’s trending now. 

Scenes from her mobile store
Scenes from the mobile store

Where did you get the idea for a mobile shop? 

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico until I was 8. My mother used to tell me that in Puerto Rico, mobile boutiques would bring clothing to houses and display it, and people would also sell goods out of their trucks or Sprinter vans. That idea sat in the back of my mind for a long time. 

What went into the camper remodeling process? 

The trailer was in really good condition when I bought it. It just had to be gutted and given some love, but it was all cosmetic work. “Isabella” [Aponte’s nickname for the camper] was in storage for a couple of months, then my dad and husband began to work on her at night and on the weekends. I had to change my design like 20 times—and I pretty much drove them crazy—but it was a blessing to see that we were making a dream reality.  

Scenes from her mobile storefrontHow would you describe the aesthetic of Joliee? 

My vibe is very boho-chic and boho-modern, with a lot of lace and feminine pieces. When you take one “e” away, Joliee means “pretty” in French. I just want women to feel beautiful in what they’re wearing. The local designers I work with do exclusive collections for the Joliee boutique, so they are only found inside the mobile boutique, not
online or anywhere else.

What can shoppers expect from the mobile boutique experience? 

I want it to feel cozy, like a little home. You’ll find women’s clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, you name it. I work with a lot of local designers because I believe in supporting small businesses. We carry Agape T-shirts, Civetta LA accessories, Little Castle Co. scrunchies and headbands, Jonnrinnah Workshop polymer clay earrings, and more. 

What’s trending right now going into the new year? 

A lot of ’70s and ’80s trends are coming back: oversize blazers with fitted tops and biker shorts or asymmetrical skirts, rompers and jumpsuits, velvet in rich colors, and high-waisted trousers with sneakers… There’s a real street-style trend happening. It’s pretty cool. 

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