GoFundMe Campaign Launched To Help Hani Honey Company

The beloved Stuart institution needs the community's help to heal their devastated hives. 

Image courtesy of Hani Honey Hives.

Within the last two weeks, the Hani Honey Company‘s bee colonies were devastated by exposure to an agent that killed a majority of the foraging bees, tragically reducing the hives’ workforce and productivity. Bees are nature’s essential workers and are invaluable to South Florida’s agricultural industry, as they pollinate the multitde of crops that grow in our tropical climate. The loss of the bees will not only impact the region’s agriculture, but will also impact the Hani Honey Company’s work in the community. When Amber PowersEmily MauriCasey Darling Kniffin, and Rhiana Rolland learned of this devastation, they jumped into action and launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the company.

The Hani Honey Company farms, harvests, packages, and sells the honey that their bee colonies produce throughout Martin County, while also educating about the essentiality of the pollinators. Their ties to the community run deep, as they partner with nonprofit organizations like Slow Food USA and the Florida Beekeepers Assocation, which help insure people’s access to clean and ethically produced food.

The company predicts that they will not have a harvest of their beloved Saw Palmetto Honey for the first time in 10 years as a result of the devastation to the bee colonies. The donations to the GoFundMe page can help offset this challenge and ensure that the company can continue to rebuild the hives, produce honey, educate, and volunteer in the community. Visit the GoFundMe page to learn more about how to help.

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